Greentara - A Voice for Greener Choices

Our Story

Go Fashionably Green Choose Greentara

Greentara believes sustainability and fashion can make the perfect match. So we manufacture, customize and sell cloth bags that scream ‘eco-chic’. Our mission is to popularize cloth bags and lead the world toward an eco-friendly life. Greentara loves making bags that cater to everyone’s style – customization is our pride. Our multi-purpose bags are stylish and practical gifts. Perfect for everyday use, they are the best alternative to plastic. At the core of all our products is quality. With sturdy handles, large compartments and robust designs, Greentara builds bags that last a lifetime. Like the modern-day eco-conscious customer, we back planet-friendly practices while keeping up with the latest fashion trends. All our bags are 100% organic, ethically-sourced, chemical-free, zero-waste, washable and reusable. 

Along with a variety of choices, we offer a price guarantee for everyone – individuals and organizations. Our vast network of textile traders and skilled artisans ensure standard quality and swift delivery. Greentara has made its mark with MNCs, small businesses and event organizers in India and abroad. We have earned our reputation as the go-to brand for earthsafe bags, keeping both people and businesses cool, trendy and green. 

Who is Greentara?

Each of our bags is blessed by Green Tara, the Buddhist goddess of forest. Green Tara is a powerful feminine force that embodies change, healing and transformation. She flows with compassion and inspires action that brings peace and serenity. Green Tara is a savior to those who walk in the forest of life. With her blessings, we strive to make the planet safe, healthy and happy. 

Meet the Woman Behind Greentara

Preeti Shenoy is the visionary force behind Greentara – she is the founder and CEO nurturing our company’s growth and the creative genius behind our well-designed bags. Growing up amidst the vast, lush green landscape of Malenadu, Karnataka, she developed a deep-rooted love for nature. This enduring love for nature became the foundation for her award-winning eco-friendly startup. 

Preeti always had an avid interest in becoming an entrepreneur. She began her journey – and success story – in the homemade pickle industry. Also a fashion enthusiast, she later spotted an opportunity to promote eco-friendly cloth bags in her friend circle and decided to take the leap. Since then, there has been no looking back.

Determined to create a premier brand of her own, Preeti started Greentara in 2020 and in only three years, transformed her dream into a thriving reality. Preeti has built an extensive network of suppliers, bag-makers, and a growing base of eco-conscious consumers. She has championed Greentara’s mission in fairs and expos throughout the nation.

Preeti’s dedicated efforts have shaped Greentara into a voice that raises awareness for greener choices. Thanks to her passion for building a sustainable business, Greentara received the Public Relations Council of India Best Startup Award: Environmental Impact. For her ongoing success in elevating Greentara to greater heights, Preeti was also honored with the Business Excellence award by the Global Chamber of Consumer Rights – India. 

As a woman leading an eco-friendly startup, Preeti aspires to encourage women to believe in their potential, break barriers and embrace independence. She runs Greentara with the love, support and encouragement of her husband Preetham Shenoy, a financial consultant, and her son Shakti Shenoy, a magician pursuing his MBA.